Wilmington fashion designer getting noticed in the USA

Wilmington fashion designer, Nikki Atkinson, has been invited to make two couture dresses valued at $1500 each, for the editor of #IAmDeVoted Magazine, Ms Gwen DeVoe. 

The magazine which is distributed throughout the USA, is a fashion magazine aimed at the fuller figured woman. 

The dresses will be worn by Ms Gwen DeVoe in a double page spread as an advertisement for the Fuller Figure Fashion (FFF) Week. 

Evie Foster will be wearing one of these dresses to the opening of the FFF Week in New York. 

One of the dresses will be worn when she interviews Mr. Chris Gardner, writer of the book 'Start Where You Are' which will be published in the DeVoe magazine, blogs and throughout social media.

In 2012, a movie made about his life, called 'Pursuit of Happiness' starred Will Smith as Gardner. 

Evie had a photo shoot on Monday of this week for her own personal profile 'Editors Choice', where she wore one of Nikki's dresses.

One of the dresses will be worn for a feature in the #IAmDeVoted Magazine with a group shot of 8 to 10 women modelling white, beige and mocha. 

It will also be worn for the 'Opening of Curves at Sea Event' which is another fashion label opening. 

After all these promotional events, photographs of Nikki's dresses will be added to her Liv Sienne website which will be called the Evie Foster dress and will be available then for order.

Opportunities like this seldom reach outside metropolitan regions.

For Nikki, this is one step closer to having her designs and creations break onto the international market.